Monday, April 5, 2010

Dr Caligari's room really starting to take shape - the opening explored

This section should hopefully speak for itself in the representation of textural, scale and light-filtration qualities. What shall be interesting to consider will be how much the models we create next are going to be close to these drawings which we have done thus far, or whether (and I hope it is the case) the process of fabricating our imagination into a haptic three dimensional form will develop the design to a further point of sophistication and resolution. It was clear though, from the way we have represented the room in our drawings as a group, that the process of casting is more closely linked to our underlying conceptual framework for the design. What has been evident in our group and my own individual drawings thus far, is that there is an uncertainty in regards to the extents of volume and void, solid and empty, mass and space. These things which are difficult to explore in two dimensional drawings will be the core focus for our model explorations.

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