Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project 1A - a Folie insertion into Howard Smith Wharves

I am posting this more as a reflective entry; looking back upon the origins of the work for this subject thus far, and will show (with diagrams) how I have managed to in project 1B, delve more deeply into the investigations and concepts which I initiated in project 1A. To begin with, here is my original Folie Proposal.
The site analysis centred around my experience of the site through sound; both digital and "mechanical" sound. I identified certain focus points along the length of the site where the dynamic and timbre of the environmental sound was changed. This was informed by the nature of materials, proximity to traffic corridors (ie the bridge), and passing moments of interaction with other site users.
The resultant experience was one which left me contemplating the past history of use on the site; industrial, blue collar workers, practical materials, much less weatherworn textures, bright and lively soundscapes created by the milieu of activity.

And then the formal response culminated in what is essentially a large scale percussion instrument to once again activate the sense of the soundscapes that once may have been heard on the site by harnessing the natural accoustic qualities. By considering the relationship of people to the activation of the Folie, I realised a cyclical relationship where the users must activate the folie, to activate the site, to in turn activate the users' senses. Semi-sentient architecture which exudes an almost autonomous consciousness was the next step.

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