Tuesday, April 20, 2010

finally done - the plan for the "opening for Dr Caligari"

Here is the plan for the section which was uploaded so many posts ago. Once again the primary sensory focus is on touch - the textures of stone, glass acting as tectonic elements to evoke an experience similar to that in a cave. What is displayed in this plan, as opposed to the section, is the layout of intersecting paths which terminate past the nodes where they intersect, leaving the opportunity to optically extend the length of the corridors, where as in reality they close up in a forced perspective - (the walls cave in to each other, the floor comes up to meet the ceiling, and vice-versa). A series of paths instead of a singular hallway was done to trap the lighting effect within that part of the room, and so that the full extent of the room can never be perceived from any one angle.

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