Thursday, April 22, 2010

Index to my Blog

In order to dissect my entries on this blog more efficiently, I have endeavoured to create this index, which points the way to the important stuff based on summary diagrams.
This index specifically covers the information I have produced concerning my continuing exploration since project 1A.

Soundscaping - the sense of sound

soundscaping in music

Qualitative spatial definition through sound.

Relationship of sound to touch

For explorations of these foci, refer to the process work for my individual task, and my "Caligari meets Chopin" video.

Materials and Texture - the sense of touch

Alegoric response to character - borrowed materials

high tactility

Relationship of touch to sound

For explorations of these foci, refer to the study of graphite on my hand, the process work between my individual room to the group "opening" task, and the model making task.

Sentient Architecture - the sense of consciousness

Organic form development

Dynamic Lighting

User-activated optical illusions

Explorations of these last foci permeate much of my design exploration since Project 1A, in response to the architecture coming alive, or at least creating the experience of being "present", so please find my work in this area particularly in my drawn plans and sections for the task iterations.

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