Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd version of Room for Dr Caligari - Plan and Section

Both are at 1:20, as before. This time as well as the alterations which I have discussed in earlier posts, I wanted to create a much richer representation of my concept by incorporating collage. This means a more accurate communication of the tactility of the space (where drawing beautiful black marble surfaces by hand is bloody hard!), and gives variation from the single chunky medium (appropriately so) of dark pencil. In terms of the concept and underlying ideas, this revision remains perhaps truer to my original vision that the first attempt.

This is the plan. Well, obviously. The primary change perceivable in this drawing is the configuration of access spaces, inner core and outer core. The inhabitable meditation core is articulated as a much clearer terminus point when viewing from the perspective of the access hallways. There is also a greater panorama of visible outer core to encompass the platform.

This is the section. Also rather obvious I hope. I managed to get the hang of bevelling/embossing the edges of the marble sections so that there is a subtle hint of relief to the surface. Make sure you click on all of my images for closer looks at details which you mightn't be able to decipher.

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