Monday, March 29, 2010

completed wharf section - technical

Hooray, I have drawn all the necessary lines to make the building look like a building. Now it just needs some rendering, texturing, environmental/atmospheric stippling, collage, frottage etc. I will play around with it in photoshop to see what sort of ways the interior qualities can be evocatively represented and abstractedly suggested (as well as being clear documentation).

The sheds have a substantial volume of empty space. The structural fabric is thin and "shabby" - in the sense that the wood is splitting, steel is twisted and rusting, and uneven gaps articulate junctions betwen the elements. In a sense, it may have been better to draw the section without a ruler, to really highlight the unevenness of edges which give it a dilapidated feeling. The rendering must make sure to include the considerable amount of filth which has caked up in the foul - reeking, damp rotten void between the floor of the sheds and the ground of the river bank.

There are 3 different scans of the same drawing because I couldn't decide which one would be easier to work with - bloody trace paper!

Also the completed section needs to be at 1:20, where this section is 1:50 on A3.

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