Saturday, March 20, 2010

A room for Dr. Caligari - Speculative Design

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Drawing from my light research into phsychology, the surrealism of Dali, and of course my interpretation of Dr Caligari's personality, I conceptualised a meditation room which is inwardly reflective. spatially constructed with an outer and inner core to surround the Doctor with vast volume, but also enclose him in intimate comfort. This inner core also acts to stifle sound, such that it would seem that the encompassing darkness and shadow swallows it up. He floats in the centre of the space which has the qualities of a deep cave, where there are always places leading off around dark corners.

However noble he may consider himself, the Doctor is also somewhat ragged and rough around the edges - I suppose that comes from being slightly insane. Therefore the feel of the surfaces in the room are harsh, jagged and highly convoluted. Colour is bereft of vibrance in the room, just as memorie's ability to vividly recall colour can be difficult; although a slight shimmer of gold seeps up the walls from the lighting underneath the walkway to activate the outer core's reflective surfaces. As Doctor Caligari moves through the room, the angles of the walls change the reflections which are percieved to create a dynamic, living space.

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