Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Process from the individual Room to designing an "opening"

An opening was developed to respond to the two contrasting spaces in Georgia's original room design. The consideration was in the articulation of this transition. Could it play on optical illusions in the way of being user-activated experience (therefore making the space itself come alive)?

Or Light? A subtle instrusion of natural daylight into the space at this junction between the two ends; not enough to really establish a connection with the outside, but enough so that the fluxuating pattern of luminance of the sun throughout the day would dynamically change the perception of the materials inside enclosing the space.

The way the light infiltrates the space could dramatically enhance the experience of the materials by manipulating the perception of the tectonics - the walls could float on light.

Keeping in mind how the experience of the space is not all revealed at once, but gradually as a journey.

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