Friday, March 26, 2010

The Sense of Sound - creating a soundscape for Dr Caligari

What kind of music does Dr Caligari Listen to? What kind of music not only homogeneously fits with the impressionistic visual provocations of the film's sets, but also enhances the experience of them? One suggestion might be the sonority and haunting sound-scapes of Krystof Penderecki (for example his Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima), or perhaps the deeply melancholy expression in the music of Chopin. Perhaps even some more current popular music may be able to add to the feel in surprising ways.

However, for this very primitive experiment, I have recorded myself playing sections of Chopin's grand Ballade no 1 in G minor (yes, it is me playing the piano) and set it to a few movie stills, some of Dali's paintings and then into my drawings of the room design. Perhaps the idea with this (I know this is probably thinking too far ahead) would be that in our Silent Film library Project, sound booths would be set up where the films are accessed digitally and output onto a display, and then visitors to the library have access to this sound booth with a multitude of sound mixing functions as well as recordings of music and sound effects, so that they can select and/or create their own sound-scape to accompany the film as and when they view it.

The video isn't all that long, so it shouldn't become too boring (as I am aware of the stigma of listen to classical music as young hip out there design students!). please enjoy.

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